Is Your Oven Ready for the Holidays?

The holiday season has become synonymous with family gatherings and extravagant meals that bring people together. Planning out a holiday meal for your friends and extended family can quickly become an anxiety-inducing affair trying to balance the dietary needs of everyone coming. However, before you even get down to the actual cooking, ensuring that your kitchen appliances are ready for increased use becomes your top priority.

Your oven should remain the first appliance you need to check out before your holiday guests arrive for dinner. A fully functioning oven helps you make the centerpiece protein of your meal, can handle a variety of delicious side dishes, and forms the backbone of your kitchen. Here are some signs you should be on the lookout for that indicate your oven needs some work done. 

Your Stove Takes Too Long to Heat

For most home cooks, getting your oven to its desired temperature quickly can help keep your holiday dinner assembly line moving at a good pace. Whether you are oven roasting turkeys, cooking prime rib to its perfect doneness, or making cornbread stuffing, you need your oven to get to specific temperatures quickly to ensure everything is cooked through. 

However, suppose you’ve found that your oven has trouble reaching those desired temperatures. In that case, it might be time to have it looked at by the appliance repair professionals at FixEm Appliance Repair. Our team can diagnose and perform oven and stove repairs and ensure your oven gets to the right temperature in time for roasting the turkey breast for the holidays. 

The Door Won’t Close

A key component of oven-based cooking involves ensuring that heat doesn’t escape during the cooking process. Providing accurate cooking times for your green bean casserole consists in cooking the baking dish at an exact temperature for a precise amount of time. Any longer or shorter can lead to a holiday meal disaster that gets brought up every year by your in-laws. If your oven door has trouble closing, it becomes next to impossible to maintain that heat. 

Taking the time to address any lingering issues with your oven door can help get in front of heating issues before the big day. Ensure your oven door is ready for the big dinner with our help. 

Your Hear Weird Noises

Getting your oven inspected and repaired can be a tricky thing to balance. Homeowners focus on whether the sweet potatoes coming out of the oven are their desired doneness and not much else. However, if your oven has started making strange noises after turning it on, get a professional appliance repair professional to get their oven examined. 

What Happens When A Self-Cleaning Oven Doesn’t Clean?

Modern technology has seen the rise of self-cleaning ovens, taking some of the most labor-intensive aspects of oven care out of your hands. However, as the technology within ovens has advanced, ensuring that they operate as intended for the holidays becomes equally important. Ensuring your oven is as clean as possible can help improve the overall quality of the meal and make it a holiday dinner to remember!

Get Your Oven Fixed and Ready for the Holidays!

FixEm Appliance Repair has provided our customers in the Oakland area with the quickest and most thorough oven repairs on the market. We help ensure that your holiday dinner preparation goes smoothly and becomes a treasured memory for the entire family.

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