Professional Dryer Repair in Alameda County, CA

Similar to all modern appliances, dryers require maintenance in order to maintain optimal efficiency and effectiveness. If a dryer has not been adequately serviced, it will severely impact dryer performance and potentially lead to a fire. That is why FixEm Appliance Repair, a leader in dryer repair in Alameda County, CA, is here to help!

FixEm Appliance Repair provides dryer repairs in Alameda County, CA, and Contra Costa County, CA. With nearly ten years of experience working with various types of dryers, we have the knowledge to provide fast and affordable dryer repairs to our customers.

Find the Best “Dryer Repair Near Me”

If you’ve been searching on Google for “dryer repair near me,” look no further than FixEm Appliance Repair. We specialize in repairing dryers that are experiencing a multitude of problems. We work on electric dryers, stackable dryers, gas dryers, and more! Whether you own the latest dryer with all the bells and whistles or a standard model, FixEm Appliance Repair has the resources needed to provide you with effective dryer repairs in Alameda County, CA, and dryer repairs in Contra Costa County, CA.

When Your Dryer’s Not Heating Up in Alameda, CA, Call Us!

It has happened to all of us at least once in our lives; you’ve waited the allotted time for a load of wash to finish in the dryer only to discover the dryer was not heating up. This normally leaves someone in the inconvenient position of having a load of soaked clothing with no way of drying them.

When encountering the annoyance of having a load of washed clothes with no way of drying them, contact the professionals at FixEm Appliance Repair. We can repair all types of dryers, including stackable dryers, electric dryers, gas dryers, and more. If your clothes dryer isn’t performing as it should, we can quickly fix the unit at a price far less than buying a whole new unit.

Expert Dryer Repair in Contra Costa County, CA

There are a few things that seem to be the most frequent problems that occur with clothes dryers. Here are some of the common issues FixEm Appliance Repair has found being a leading provider of dryer repairs in Contra Costa County, CA, and dryer repairs in Alameda County, CA:

  • Not turning on
  • Cycles but does not generate heat
  • Extended time to dry clothes
  • Won’t stop running
  • Makes loud noises when operating
  • Drum will not rotate
  • Burning smell
  • Black marks on clothes when removed
  • Digital display shows an error code

If any of these things are happening to your dryer, they aren’t just inconveniences; they may also indicate that the dryer is now a fire hazard and should not be operated. Contact FixEm Appliance Repair, experts in dryer repair in Contra Costa County, CA, to handle any of the problems listed above.

We Fix Stackable Dryers in Oakland, CA

If you have a side-by-side dryer or a stackable dryer, FixEm Appliance Repair can service either type of unit. We also handle both gas and electric dryer configurations and do work on both the newest models and older dryers.

Efficient and Effective Electric Clothes Dryer Repair in Piedmont, CA

Don’t let another day go by without a properly functioning dryer for your laundry. If you’ve been dealing with a broken dryer and have been taking your clothes to a laundromat or using a friend or family member’s unit, contact FixEm Appliance Repair for reliable repairs at an affordable price. We offer service and maintenance to the following communities:

●     Alameda County, CA

●     Contra Costa County, CA

●     Alameda, CA

●     Berkeley, CA

●     Oakland, CA

●     San Leandro, CA

●     Albany, CA

●     San Ramon, CA

●     Orinda, CA

●     Alamo, CA

●     Piedmont, CA

●     Walnut Creek, CA

●     Concord, CA

●     Danville, CA

●     Canyon, CA

●     Emeryville, CA

●     Moraga, CA

●     Lafayette, CA

●     Pleasant Hill, CA

My Dryer Won’t Start in Contra Costa County

When your dryer won’t start or takes forever to dry your laundry, look to the professionals at FixEm Appliance Repairs. We will thoroughly inspect the unit, determine the problem, and repair it as quickly as possible so you can get back to your daily routine. We are one of the leading providers of dryer repair in Alameda County, CA and dryer repair in Contra Costa County, CA.

We Repair Squeaky Dryers Near Richmond, CA

Is there a mouse in your house, or is it just the dryer acting up again? Oftentimes, one of the early indicators of a dryer that is about to breakdown is a squeaking noise when it runs. Don’t wait until the problem intensifies with a squeaky dryer; contact FixEm Appliance Repair for immediate assistance.

At FixEm Appliance Repair, we don’t just repair dryers. We offer a large selection of maintenance and repair services like:

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