Like refrigerators, dryers require special attention in order to continue working safely and efficiently. When a dryer isn’t regularly maintained, this not only can hamper performance, it can lead to a potential fire hazard. That’s why FixEm Appliance Repair offers dryer maintenance service to residents of Oakland and the rest of the East Bay. If your dryer has stopped working, that’s also a good reason to call us. Whatever the situation, we’re here for you.

Common Issues:

  • Dryer is not turning on
  • Dryer turns on but is not heating
  • Dryer takes too long to dry clothes
  • Dryer won't stop running
  • Dryer makes loud noises
  • Dryer drum is not rotating
  • Dryer has a burning smell
  • Clothes come out of the dryer with black stains/marks
  • Digital display shows an error code

Things to Remember:

  • While washers come in both top and front load orientations, dryers are typically front load only.
  • Gas dryers have a regular-sized plug and use a standard 120v outlet, while electric dryers have a large plug and require a 240v outlet.
  • If possible, avoid using an overly long exhaust vent with your dryer. The longer the vent, the more potential there is for problems like crimps and leaks.
  • A dryer’s lint filter/screen should be cleaned before and after each use.
  • Dryers that aren’t properly vented will accumulate lint inside the machine. This is a serious fire hazard, so make it a point to regularly clean your dryer vent and check for obstructions.