• Stovetop / Range

Stovetop / Range

If you’re like most people, you use your stovetop range on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, when your range suddenly stops working, it can really throw off your groove. Don’t worry—we can get your burners back in action ASAP. FixEm Appliance Repair services both gas and electric ranges, including induction ranges and full-size, all-inclusive models. Whether your gas stovetop won’t light or you’re need of an electric stove repair, you can rely on our expertise.

Common Issues:

  • Burner keeps clicking/sparking but won’t light
  • Burner has gas but no spark
  • Stove top burners have a low flame or are not turning on at all
  • Burner knob is stuck and cannot turn
  • Burner smells of gas
  • Digital display shows an error code

Things to Remember:

  • A gas range requires a standard 120v electrical outlet to operate, while an electric range requires a 240v outlet.
  • A range should not be installed right up against a refrigerator (hot and cold don’t mix).
  • If you smell gas leaking from your stovetop, shut off the gas supply valve immediately.
  • Avoid spilling fluids or spraying cleaner directly on your range—the excess moisture can cause the burners to malfunction.