Ovens have a tendency to stop working right when you need them most—for example, before a big party or holiday gathering. Good news: you don’t need to order out for pizza—FixEm Appliance Repair will get you cooking again in no time. We work on all oven types, including gas and electric, built-in single and double ovens, and convection ovens. Whether your oven won’t heat or its electronic components are on the fritz, we can handle all your oven repair needs.

Common Issues:

  • Oven won’t heat on bake
  • Oven won’t heat on broil
  • Oven takes too long to heat up
  • Oven temperature is not accurate
  • Oven emits a gas odor
  • Oven’s digital display is not working
  • Oven’s digital touchpad is not responding
  • Door is stuck or locked shut
  • Door is not closing all the way (broken or misaligned door hinges)
  • Digital display shows an error code

Things to Remember:

  • Some ovens have a self-clean feature. When in self-clean mode, the oven door will lock and the temperature will reach 500°F for an extended period of time. We do not recommend using this feature, as it often fails to hold the temperature, which can lead to a burnt-out control board or locking mechanism malfunction.
  • If you smell gas leaking from the oven, shut off the gas supply valve immediately.
  • Built-in ovens must have sufficient space on the sides and back to allow for air to flow—otherwise they can overheat and trip a fuse.