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Washer Repair Services in Alameda County, CA

Your washing machine works weekly to keep your clothing clean. If you have children, it may even be used daily to keep up with the stacks of dirty clothes left around the house by the kids. If your washing machine breaks, it can cause significant chaos in the household since you are unable to maintain any kind of washing schedule for your family’s clothing.

There are multiple indicators that something is wrong with your washing machine. As a washer machine repair company in Contra Costa County, FixEm Appliance Repair has identified the most common problems with washer machines that typically require professional washer repair services like we provide in Alameda County, CA and the surrounding areas. Some of these indicators could be:

  • Washer will not start
  • Washer is not spinning
  • Washer is not draining
  • Washer makes loud noises during operation
  • Washer shakes a lot and will move across the floor when in use
  • Washer is not filling up with water
  • Washer is leaking water
  • Digital display shows an error code

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your washer machine, contact the appliance repair experts at FixEm Appliance Repair. As a leading provider of washer repair services in Alameda County, CA, we provide fast and dependable repair services for both washers and dryers. We proudly serve the following communities:

●     Alameda County, CA

●     Contra Costa County, CA

●     Alameda, CA

●     Berkeley, CA

●     Oakland, CA

●     San Leandro, CA

●     Albany, CA

●     San Ramon, CA

●     Orinda, CA

●     Alamo, CA

●     Piedmont, CA

●     Walnut Creek, CA

●     Concord, CA

●     Danville, CA

●     Canyon, CA

●     Emeryville, CA

●     Moraga, CA

●     Lafayette, CA

●     Pleasant Hill, CA

Washing Machine Not Spinning?

One of the most frequent service calls our company receives as a washer repair services company in Alameda County, CA, regarding washer machines is that the unit has stopped spinning. This usually happens right in the middle of when you are trying to do the laundry and can be very frustrating. When your washer machine stops spinning during the wash cycle, contact the leading washer machine repair company in Contra Costa, CA — FixEm Appliance Repair.

Washer Machine Repair in Contra Costa, CA

When your washer starts acting up, there are several things you should consider when trying to determine the cause. Here are some of those considerations:

  • If the washer isn’t draining properly, it will not go into the “high” spin cycle.
  • Overloading a washer will cause stress on the suspension and shock absorbers. The same holds true for uneven laundry loads being placed in the unit.
  • Sharp or hard foreign objects like nails, hair clips, or credit cards can cause tears in the washer hoses, leading to leaks. Be sure to empty all the pockets of your clothing before placing them in the washer machine.
  • For top-loading washer machines, if the lid switch breaks, the washer will fill with water and agitate but will not go any further in the washing cycle.
  • Washers must be on a level surface to operate correctly.
  • To prevent mold build-up on a front load washer’s rubber door gasket, the door should be kept open between washing cycles.
  • If the washer’s bearing or support spider bracket is damaged, it is advised not to repair the unit but rather replace the entire washer per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • It is suggested that a cleaning cycle is performed on a washer machine every few months. This should be done to remove any leftover contaminants from the dirty clothes you have been washing. Store-bought washer machine cleaners or a vinegar solution can be used to perform this task. More information can be found online regarding the process.

Stop Googling “Washing Machine Repair Near Me” and Trust the Team at FixEm Appliance Repair

FixEm Appliance Repair is a highly-rated washer machine repair company in Contra Costa, CA. We offer professional repair services for all home appliances, including washing machines. Don’t take a chance with an unknown handyman when it comes to repairing your washer machine. Trust the experts at FixEm Appliance Repair!

Washer Repair Services

As a washer repair services company in Alameda County, CA, FixEm Appliance Repair offers fast and dependable repair services for most makes and models of washer machines. From Whirlpool washers to Samsung, our technicians have the experience and knowledge to handle any type of repair on your washing machine.

Front Load Washer Repair in Alameda, CA

FixEm Appliance Repair can handle all types of washing machines. From top-loading formats to front load washers, our technicians have the skills, tools, and equipment necessary to handle any kind of washer.

Oakland, CA Stackable Washer Repair

Stackable washers pose unique challenges when it comes to repairing the units. Some stackable configurations are permanent, while others can be split into two separate appliances, the washer, and the dryer. FixEm Appliance Repair provides washer repair services in Alameda County, CA, that can handle even the most complex washing machines on the market. If your stackable washer is not operating correctly, contact the FixEm Appliance Repair team for affordable and reliable washer machine repair services in Contra Costa, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Whirlpool Washer Repair in Piedmont, CA

FixEm Appliance Repair offers professional repair services for all makes and models of washer machines. We handle Whirlpool washers, LG, Samsung, GE, Amana, Samsung, and more! No matter who made your current washing machine, the professionals at FixEm Appliance Repair can work on the unit.

If you have an issue with your dryer not heating up in Berkeley, CA, we can handle that too! With our repair services, you can prevent dryer fires in Orinda, CA, due to malfunctions with the unit. We also provide:

Whatever appliance repairs you need, you can trust the professionals at FixEm Appliance Repair, a leader in washer repair services in Alameda County, CA, to provide you with fast and efficient service to get your home appliances operational again. For more information, contact us today!

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