How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Garbage Disposal?

Your kitchen is a complex ecosystem with multiple appliances working together to keep it running smoothly. With dishwashers, toasters, ovens, and more, keeping each at the top of their game is crucial to keeping your kitchen running. One appliance that you might not think about as often but plays an essential role is your garbage disposal. 

Your garbage disposal handles the debris from cooking, eating, and everything else that happens in your kitchen, disposing of it efficiently. However, like every appliance, there are times when your disposal needs maintenance or repairs before it fails. This handy guide can help you identify the signs that your disposal needs immediate attention. 

Weird Noises

One of the first telltale signs that you might be dealing with equipment failures comes when you start hearing weird noises coming from the disposal. As food scraps get put into your unit, it grinds the food and lets out loud crunching noises, but when you hear gears aggressively grinding, locking, or any kind of sound that gives you pause, it might be time to call in the experts. 

Persistently Bad Smells

When it comes to any food-based appliance in the kitchen, how something smells is often a good indicator that it’s time to take a look. With garbage disposals dealing with food waste, things like potato peels can get stuck in the gears and mess with the grinding stages. 

It’s Not Turning On

A garbage disposal in good working condition will do one thing consistently for homeowners — turn on in the first place. If your appliance refuses to turn on, it’s a concerning and immediate sign that your disposal needs attention. You can attempt to hit the reset button or flip the circuit breaker to try and get your appliance back into a working operational state. 

Although, if you find yourself repeatedly hitting the reset button to get your appliance back up and running, it can be a sign that your machine is on its last legs. At this point, repairs and maintenance expenses can start to pile up, and it might be time to consider a full replacement. 

Water Leakage

No matter if your garbage disposal comes in stainless steel construction, over time and repeated use, cracks can begin to form and start to leak on your kitchen floor. Any time water starts to leak from your unit, it can indicate that a replacement unit is in your immediate future. 

How Long Can a Garbage Disposal Last?

With the right maintenance and repair schedule, your garbage disposal can last up to 15 years before you have to consider getting a new unit. However, if you ignore the signs that your disposal needs help, its operating condition will deteriorate quickly. 

Preventive Maintenance to Keep Costs Down

Instead of neglecting your garbage disposal and being forced into a corner, preventative-based maintenance and replacements can help keep your machine running for a long time. While many homeowners may think they don’t have an outlet to get their appliance repaired quickly and effectively, FixEm Appliance Repair has the expertise to take care of your appliance maintenance needs! 

If your garbage disposal has been on the fritz, or if you’re worried about future maintenance costs in other areas of your home, there is no need to worry! Our team also specializes in oven and stove repair to keep your kitchen working at maximum efficiency. Contact FixEm Appliance Repair and get a free quote with a repair today!