How Can I Tell My Freezer Needs Maintenance?

Keeping your kitchen in good working order involves keeping a careful eye out for warning signs with your appliances. When it comes to preserving your food, your refrigerator and freezer play essential roles in maintaining your home’s food supply and reducing the number of times you go to the supermarket. However, if you’ve noticed your freezer hasn’t been as effective as it used to be, it may be time to get it looked at by your Alameda County’s appliance repair professionals. 

Knowing when the time is right to get your freezer looked at can prove challenging for homeowners. You can look for specific warning signs that will give you a clear idea that you need freezer repairs before investing in a brand new unit. 

Your Compressor Motor Continuously Runs

Regulating the temperature in your freezer requires your compressor motor to work properly around the clock. It has a thermostat that monitors the temperature and keeps the internal temperature below freezing. However, if that thermostat malfunctions, it will throw your condenser coils and motor entirely out of whack. 

Your freezer will consistently run to try and regulate the temperature by working harder and ruining its overall efficiency. If the problem lies with a thermostat, it’s a quick appliance repair. However, a motor problem could mean that you’re due for a new freezer. 

The Freezer Runs Hot

If you put your hand to the freezer door and feel heat coming off it, you have a cooling problem you need to address immediately. Freezers running hot usually mean issues with dirty condenser coils accumulated over time. Turning the freezer off, locating the coils on the back of the unit, and a thorough coil cleaning them should help improve your freezer’s ability to keep things cold. 

If the freezer still runs hot after you have cleaned the condenser coils, it’s time to call in the professionals to take a look at it. 

There’s a Problem With the Doors

Your freezer door needs to be perfectly sealed to keep the cold inside and maintain the temperature. When the door seal becomes compromised, the cold air can escape and get replaced with room temperature air and completely throw off the delicate temperature balance. 

Having a professional home appliance repair technician come out and look at your door seal can help rectify these temperature issues. FixEm Appliance repair has technicians on-call to handle any of these potential issues. 

Noticeable Increase in Your Energy Bills

When your freezer is running efficiently, your energy bills remain consistent across the board. You have a reasonable idea of what your bills will look like on a monthly basis and can plan your budget accordingly. However, if you notice that your energy bills have suddenly started to skyrocket, an inefficient freezer might be to blame. 

If you believe that your older and inefficient freezer is the culprit, our team can help you figure out if that’s the case and fix any issue we may find!

Call FixEm Appliance Repair for Your Freezer Needs!

Your freezer doesn’t need to constantly stress you out when it’s on the fritz. FixEm Appliance Repair can help you regain your peace of mind — and properly maintained frozen food — in no time! Contact our team to schedule your next appointment today!