What Should I Do if My Oven Won’t Heat Up?

Repairman working on broken oven as female homeowner watches

When preparing a meal or improving your culinary skills, your oven is one of the main appliances you use. However, when your gas or electric oven won’t heat up, it’s an inconvenience that can spoil your cooking plans. 

Is Your Oven Ready for the Holidays?

Father and daughter baking muffins in the oven for the holidays

The holiday season has become synonymous with family gatherings and extravagant meals that bring people together. Planning out a holiday meal for your friends and extended family can quickly become an anxiety-inducing affair trying to balance the dietary needs of everyone coming. However, before you even get down to the actual cooking, ensuring that your […]

Why Are Bad Smells and Smoke Coming From My Oven?

oven with smoke coming out of it

A foul odor from your oven is an all too common problem for many people. You may even experience smoke coming from your oven, making it nearly impossible for you to cook a meal. Finding the source of the problem is critical to avoid future issues and reduce the chances of this happening to you […]