What Should I Do if My Oven Won’t Heat Up?

When preparing a meal or improving your culinary skills, your oven is one of the main appliances you use. However, when your gas or electric oven won’t heat up, it’s an inconvenience that can spoil your cooking plans. 

Fortunately, FixEm Appliance Repair, the leading provider of gas oven repairs in Oakland, CA, is here to help. It’s a frustrating issue, but when your oven won’t heat up, there are a few solutions worth considering. Before covering what you should do in case of an oven issue, let’s first review some signs that indicate an oven problem. 

Signs of a Problem

Is your oven taking longer than usual to cook your meals? Have you been following exact cooking directions only to discover that it won’t heat your meal sufficiently?

If so, the issue may be that your oven won’t heat up. Even though you set the oven to the correct temperature, your oven is not heating up to that benchmark. If you have to open your oven door and place your food in again to get it hot enough, it’s a sign that it requires oven repairs.

What Are Common Causes of an Oven Not Heating Up?

When you realize you may need oven repairs, you may wonder what’s causing the problem. Here are a few possible reasons your gas or electric oven isn’t heating up:

  • Broken gas oven thermostat
  • Damaged gas oven burner or ignition electrode
  • Defective electric oven thermostat
  • Faulty electric oven element

Gas Oven Not Heating Up

If your gas oven won’t heat up, it may be suffering from a faulty gas igniter or experiencing a gas line issue. You should contact professional appliance repair technicians to schedule an oven repair service to replace the igniter.

When you turn on your gas, you should hear a “whoosh” sound from it running to the gas burners. Additionally, the gas burners will glow red when you turn them on. If you don’t hear the sound despite your burners being on, the problem may be in the gas line. For this issue, we also recommend calling a professional to complete oven repairs.

Electric Oven Not Heating Up

A heating element is usually the problem when an electric oven won’t heat up. Over time, similar to other household appliances, wear and tear can cause them to eventually stop working. To inspect them, turn on the burners and see if they glow red. 

If a heating element is barely glowing or not doing so at all, you may only need to buy a replacement part for it. You may be able to use your oven until the oven repairs are complete, but you’ll eventually need to schedule service to repair or replace the heating element.

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