Since it’s much more affordable than a refrigerator or washing machine, a microwave is not always worth repairing—it usually makes more sense just to replace it. However, if your microwave has been custom fitted for your kitchen or if you have a high-end model with all the best bells and whistles, that’s another story. In this case, FixEm Appliance Repair is here to help. We can handle all your microwave repair needs, whether you have a standalone unit or a microwave/oven combo. Is your microwave built into custom cabinetry or hanging above your oven? No problem—we can repair it.

Common Issues:

  • Microwave is not heating food
  • Microwave plate is not turning
  • Microwave is arcing/sparking inside
  • Microwave has no power
  • Microwave is not venting
  • Microwave will not start
  • Microwave says the door is open when it is closed
  • Digital display shows an error code

Things to Remember:

  • Never put metal items inside a microwave (silverware, metal pots, etc.)—this can cause arcing to occur inside.
  • Make sure the microwave is kept clean to avoid damage to inner surfaces.
  • Make sure the grease filters for the microwave vent are kept clean.
  • Always use microwaveable containers. Non-microwaveable plastic containers can melt and even leave toxic particles in your food.
  • When microwaving, cover your food with a microwave-safe lid/cover to prevent messy spattering on the oven’s interior. Besides making cleanup easier, this will protect your microwave’s interior paint and metal.
  • Make sure your microwave’s door can close properly. If the door is damaged or the seal is cracked, food won’t cook evenly and radiation can escape.